Monday, October 26, 2009

The Big, Bad Monsters

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Oh, I do hope they are gone. It is very dark in there. I am afraid to open the door. Maybe they are sleeping. I just want to get my favorite fuzzy doll I dropped. Forget it. I will just wait until morning.

Good. They are gone. I do not hear a sound. Here I go. I am going to open the door. Shuffle. Shuffle. Reach. Grab. I got it. Quick. Slam. Phew. The door closed behind me. Now, I can take my nap.

I hear noises in there again. Are they laughing? Mommy and Daddy tell me there is nothing to fear. "Have you ever even seen one?" they ask. "Well, then, how do you know?"

I wish it were not so dark out now. Even if I would be brave enough to go in there, there is no light to help me find my sock that fell off earlier. My friend next door, Sam, says they eat socks!

Alright. I think they must be sleeping. The giggling has stopped. I could crawl very quietly out now, maybe explore a bit more. Maybe some candy has been left lying around. That would be great!

Ooh, I see them. There is nothing, really, scary about them. They have eyes and arms just like me. They are even smiling. They must be having nice dreams. And Sam said they never slept! What does he know?

I do not want to wake them. They might get angry. But, really, they do not look like angry creatures. They certainly do not look mean. This one, at least, does not have any claws. I do not see anything pointy on the other one.

Oh no. There is light coming from another door. It's opening! Scury. To the corner. Hide. If I close my eyes, no one can see me.

"Shh, I just want to check on Sophie and Max, dear. I'll be right there."

That was close. Open one eye. The mommy creature sounds very tender and loving, just like my mommy. Sam doesn't know anything!

Open two eyes! What if my daddy comes to check on me and I am not there? He will be so worried. I better get back. Tip toe. Tip toe.

I am in my bed now, just like them. I am going to have nice dreams, too.

So, what if there are children on the other side of the door? They are not so different from us.

What do you think?

*Who is talking in the story? What is he or she afraid of?
*Have you ever been afraid of something or someone before knowing more?
*Do you have friends who tell stories about other children that are not true? What could you say to them?

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