Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just Me...and My Monster

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I have my very own monster. Some children have dogs or cats or rabbits, or maybe a goldfish. I have a monster and she is brilliant!
My monster eats whatever I eat. I do not have to buy her special dog food or cat food or rabbit food or even goldfish food. She is my monster and is happy to eat what I eat. Making dinner is not any extra work for Mom or Dad. She even does her own dishes. She does not leave messes.

I can take her anywhere: to the beach, to the park, to the grocery store, to restaurants. And, she never has to have a leash. And, I never have to clean up after her messes! She does not make any. That may be hard to believe about a monster but she is my monster. I never have to walk around with a plastic bag!

Her favorite places to go are my favorite places to go. We never have to argue about where to go on our outings. If I want to go to the swimming pool, she does too. When she wants to hula-hoop in the back yard, so do I. We are perfect friends.

She is the color of eggplant. French kids who have monsters would call her "aubergine". That sounds smart. My aubergine-colored monster has long hair, but never sheds. That would be a mess for the vacuum cleaner. I already mentioned she never makes a mess. She has green eyes the size of my winter coat buttons and brown pupils where the thread would come through.

Her fur covers her hands so she looks like she is always wearing gloves. She is very soft, like the yarn my great-grandmother knitted into mittens for my mommy a long time ago... it was maybe a hundred years ago.

Her feet are like big, shaggy-carpet boots. They are just the right size for me to stand on when we want to dance around the living room.

My monster is multi-sized. When I need her to fit into my pocket, she shrinks. When I need her to scare off the meanies in primary school, she can grow as tall as the slide. She never growls or anything like that. She is not a wolf! She is my monster and her presence is enough to calm any situation.

Besides shrinking and growing, she has other talents too. Mainly, she is good at whatever I am good at. She is my monster. Playing is easier with a monster who has the same skills as I do. She draws well, writes her name in fancy letters, plays tennis and is learning to ride a bike without training wheels (I already know how but I am waiting for her to catch up really). Sometimes, she learns a skill before me and then teaches me how to do the same. That way, we can always play games without anyone feeling left out.

When it is bedtime, my monster and I put on our pajamas, brush our teeth, wash our faces, and lie down in my bed. We then listen to a story before kissing Mom or Dad or both (if neither one has to work too late) good-night.

Once the light is out and the door is shut, I say good-night to my monster. She is with me all day, soaking up whatever might have scared me but did not, or upset me but did not, or made me sad but did not. Some of my friends are frightened of monsters, especially at night or in the dark. But this is my monster. I am happy she is here.

What do you think?

*If you had your own monster, what would he or she look like?
*What would be your monster's talents?
*What could you learn from your monster? What would your monster learn form you?

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