Thursday, October 29, 2009

Witch Emma

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She was smaller than a strawberry bush and had hair the color of its fruits. Her fingers were slender as were also her arms. When she twirled them around, she appeared to have a lasso. This lasso held her wishes. Although petite, she was stronger than a sheep dog and faster than an alley cat. Emma's eyes were the color of jasmine, green like gems.

One day she was walking through the forest, her favorite stroll up and down hills where the big kids like to ride their dirt bikes. However, she always hopes they are not there when she comes by. She cringes when they stop their stunts. They stare at her. Her feet barely lift above the fallen leaves, trying briskly to get to their next step.

This day, no one was heard up the hill nor behind the trees. Emma was alone. Alone to imagine, she became whomever she wanted. She closed her eyes for a second. After that second, she felt the sparkles twirling around her. She knew she did not really look like a real witch: no black clothes, no pointy hat. But that made it all so much more brilliant, she thought.

She went about her walk, watching the sun shine between the tree branches of early autumn. She could picture the rays turning to rain. Her shoulders felt damp. As she went along, she saw some twigs and brush lying around. She picked it all up in a heap and held it over her head. It was the most beautiful umbrella ever.

Just as pieces of bark were drifting out of her hands, she started to feel hungry. Some berries hung on the upper part of a fading green bush nearby. Her father always told her not to eat berries in the forest without asking him first. So, she decided they were not berries but rainbow sweet candies. She delicately plucked the palm of her left hand, her right index and thumb pinching together.  Their lightness made her mouth water.

Looking around for something to quench her thirst, Emma heard a trickling stream about twenty steps in front of her. When she got close enough to almost slide her toe in, she saw the liquid was thicker than her sink water. She twitched her nose in disgust. Then, she scooped her hand just above the flow and sucked the chocolate up into her mouth. Mmmm, that will do for now, she told herself and skipped back down to the path that led to the road that led to her house.

From the middle of the driveway, she just then heard the big kids coming with their bikes, cracking twigs and pushing through leaves as they sped into a clearing.

Emma now leaned by the garage. She held down the heal of one of her yellow boots with her other toes as she lifted her foot out. When she walked into the kitchen, her mother asked what was all over her face.

What do you think?

*How do think Emma answered her mother's question?
*Why do you think Emma is nervous around the bigger kids?
*Is there somewhere you like to go all by yourself?

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