Thursday, January 28, 2010

What it Takes to Make Supper

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Madame Blanche returned home from the library one evening. She passed through the kitchen without
even turning on the light. She found her favorite reading corner in the living room.
Madame Blanche loved to cook. But, she preferred reading. She read recipes. She marveled at the
mouth-watering color photos of what the plates would look like if properly prepared..
Felicity, her cat, was already under the arm chair, licking Madame Blanche's ankles when tiny slips of
paper sprinkled down from the pages of the book. The tickling on her nose made her sneeze. Achoo!
A pan from the next room clanked into the sink. Me-Ow! Felicity bumped her head on the leg of the
“Never mind, my kitty. You know how dishes are,” reminded Madame Blanche.
In the kitchen, the little light above the stove blinked on. “Hey, it's time to make supper. Wake up!”
The drawer next to the stove squeaked open, Ladle peaked out. “It's soup time!” she cheered.
Tomatoes rolled out of the fruit bowl. Potatoes jumped out of the pantry directly into the sink. Peeler
caught them with his point. “Let's get you out of those skins!” he said.
Leeks pushed open the refrigerator with the crisper drawer and created a bridge for Carrots to cross
over to the counter.
“You're next,” shouted Peeler to his orange friends as he balanced on the edge of the sink. “Where's
Celery? He'll have to go in as is. I'm getting a cramp in my blade.”
Celery lied down on the cutting board next to his skinless friends Potatoes and Carrots. Knife got
Impatient by nature, Pot started to steam. “Come on in. The water's perfect!” He said with a hick-up.
Ladle catapulted Tomatoes, Leeks, Carrots and Potatoes into Pot.
“Onion, you were supposed to already be sauteing. Stop crying and get in here.” prodded Pot.
Once Onion warmed up, the tears stopped.
Madame Blanche closed her cookbook. The friends were tender. They knew that they were just what
Madame Blanche needed on a chilly evening.
Now, the aroma of her fresh, simmering vegetables guided Madame Blanche into the kitchen and
towards the stove top. Without pausing, she reached for the hand mixer, took the pot from the heat, and
started to puree the soup.
While her back was turned, the silverware drawer under the table opened. Fork, Knife and Spoon
climbed up and lied down in their places. Knife and Spoon chatted. Fork lied still on comfy Napkin.
Always ready for the taking, bread slipped out of its bag and landed on the edge of Placemat.
Madame Blanche sat down with her soup bowl.
“Felicity, where are you?” she asked around.
Felicity was sitting in the corner of the kitchen waiting for her supper to walk across the room when
she heard a scraping sound.
Fruit Bowl was positioning itself for dessert.

What do you think?

*What would be on Madame Blanche's shopping list to make this soup?
*What vegetables would you like to see making you soup?
*Who was Felicity waiting for to make her a meal?

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