Friday, March 5, 2010

What Goes Through a Bully’s Head

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I am a bully. I have always been a bully and I will probably always be a bully. Why? Because no one knows what's going through my head.

When I got dressed for school this morning, I was smiling. Mum told me how handsome I was. I ate all my breakfast. I wanted to pore my own milk. But, the bottle was very full and it slipped from my grip. Milk splashed on Daddy's phone.

“I do pay attention to what I'm doing!” My mouth exploded at him.

But these words, “I didn't want Mum to have to get up again,” ricocheted through my head.

Mum put out raisins and pretzels for snack, my favorite. I smiled large as I grabbed some from the counter and put a baggy-full into my backpack.

“I am not taking the whole box!” I screamed.

But, “I wanted enough to share” ricocheted through my head.

A lot of cars were backed up on the street by the school. Mum was tapping her fingers against the steering wheel. The car tires screeched into a parking spot. Mum swung the doors open. They almost swung back shut.

“I am not a turtle. You are.” I told her.

But, “My bag strap is tangled with the seat belt” ricocheted through my head.

I ran to my classroom. I tripped on my shoelace. My books slid down the hallway.

“Don't touch my stuff!” Those words pushed back my classmate harder than a fist.

But, “I know you were just trying to help” ricocheted through my head.

During the math lesson, I reached over to my partners desk to show him how many sticks to lay down. I knocked over mine.

“It's his fault!” I yelled.

But, “I understand the lesson really well today” ricocheted through my head.

At recess, I could not wait to play marbles. My classmates wanted to play hide and seek.

“Hide and Seek is for babies!” They heard running away.

But, “I have some cool new marbles I wanted to show you” ricocheted through my head.

At lunch, I went up to a classmate I like well and said , “Boo!” for fun. Her tray crashed to the ground. She started to cry.

“Great, you got me in trouble, stupid!” These words came out too quickly.

But, “I was just trying to make you laugh” ricocheted through my head.

My teacher wrote a note to my parents. My anger burst out to keep my tears in.
Mum and Dad were not home at dinnertime. Ms. Wellington was watching her game show while I ate. I spat out a spicy bite. She jumped.

“I was not born in a barn. You're the cow!” I cried.

But, “I am sorry. It was too hot for me” ricocheted through my head.

I ran up to my room. I remembered to brush my teeth, wash my face, go to the toilet. I tucked my stuffed bunny next to me so he wouldn't jump out.

The front door opened. I was happy Mum and Dad were home. I missed them.

“He did what?”

“He said what?”

“This is from the teacher again?”

I tried to pretend I was asleep, but my quivering mouth gave me away. Dad turned the light on. Mum stood next to him.

“Yes, another note! What is going though my head!?” These words scrambled through the air like fireworks.

“I wish I could tell you,” I said to myself.

What do you think?
*Do you ever have a day when everything seems to go wrong?

*Is it easier to get angry or to keep calm? Have you ever said something that you later regretted? What had you meant to say?

*Do you know a bully? What does he or she say sometimes that is not nice? What might he or she want to say instead?

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