Thursday, June 3, 2010

What it Takes to Make Breakfast

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Madame Blanche returned home from the library very late one evening. She walked through the kitchen without turning on the light. The moon's brightness was shining through the slits in the curtains. She watched her feet climb the steps and carry her down the hall into the bedroom. She had but one eye open.

Me-ow! Felicity, her cat, jumped off the bed just in time for Madame Blanche's arms to swing onto her pillow. She was fast asleep before Felicity could curl back up beside her.

That morning Madame Blanche had had just enough time to open the drapes to see if it were raining. Having awoken later than usual, she had rushed out the door - dressed but not fed!

The following morning, Madame Blanche could remember having only one dream when the alarm clock rang, ddRRing! She lied still. The jumping-up noises were coming from the kitchen.

“Rise and shine. It's breakfast time!” The little light above the stove blinked and sang.

Toaster's lever nodded up and down in agreement. Bread Box yawned wide open as Slices waddled out in line. Each Bread Slice lined up on either side of Toaster, leaned over the top and flipped their bottom crust up and in the slit like a perfect headstand.

Orange rolled out of Fruit Bowl and a little too close to the counter top, “Whoooaa”. Toaster's electrical chord caught her.

Spoon and Peanut Butter catapulted Orange up to the top of Juicer. “I love a good squeeze in the morning,” she said spitting out her pits.

“Is the hot chocolate ready?” Mug shouted looking over to Milk.

Milk looked for signs of light from the range. “Stove Top is still asleep! He has to heat me in ...”

Before she could say, “Pot”, Bread Slice sprung from Toaster and landed on Stove Top's front burner.

“What?” He clicked on.

Pot tapped him with his handle, “I am going to get too hot too quickly if you don't warm up my burner this moment.”

“Sorry friends.”

As Stove Top warmed, Milk dived into Pot with a splash.

Knife had spun the lid off of Natural Peanut Butter and was now skiing across the top, picking up chunks on the way, not drowning in oil.

“Next to the aroma of toasted Bread, melting Peanut Butter is my favorite smell,” Toaster whispered to Knife.

“That and strawberry jam!” Knife added.

Madame Blanche's nose also appreciated such aromas and was guiding her down the stairs.

Plate rolled into position almost knocking Knife onto his blade.

“Excuse me, have you seen Mug?” he asked.

“She's already on the table holding Cocoa,” Peanut Butter noticed.

Madame Blanche tied back the kitchen curtains, took Pot off the burner and poured heated Milk into Mug. The chocolate steam opened Madame Blanche's eyes wide.

She sat Pot in the sink, picked up the juice of Orange, Plate of Toast and sat down in front of a warm and thoughtful breakfast. Madame Blanche smiled so wide her eyes almost shut.

Sweet-Frosted Os just rolled back into the pantry.

What do you think?

* Do you ever wake up late for school? Do you ever rush out of the house without eating enough or not at all? How do you feel on those days?

* What is your favorite breakfast? How do you feel the days you have time to enjoy what you are eating?

* Madame Blanche’s breakfast was not just tasty, it was healthy. Do you know why?
One reason among many: Madame Blanche consumed protein (peanut butter) to give her strength, calcium (milk) to keep her bones solid, antioxidants (cocoa) and vitamins (fresh orange juice) to help her fight off germs and stay alert throughout the morning.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on! I like that you created some stories about nutrition! I also noted the "natural peanut butter" in your story. I think another good story idea would be to show kids that trying different fruits and veggies can be really fun and taste great. Hope that gives you an idea. Check back on my site for more ideas and recipes.

Sarah Harris said...

I love how you put it in a story format! I personally love peanut butter on everything! Even had it on a burger! Very cute!

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