Sunday, May 15, 2011

Grow Up: A Dragon's Dilemma

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“Don't act like a baby dragon.” Mommy and Daddy say.

In the morning, I do take time getting dressed. Mommy wiggles my tale, “Why aren't you ready like your big sister?”

After school, I forget my hat. “Let's go. Big dragons keep their stuff together,” Daddy reminds me.

At dinner time... “Sit up like a big dragon!” says everyone.

when we drive to school, we pass the bus stop. Big dragons blow out their flames, cough, blow out more. Mommy says, “Don't do like those grown-up dragons!”

On the playground, the bigger dragons stomp on my friends' feet and on mine. When I tell Daddy what happens, he says, “Walk away from the big, bully dragons.”

At home, my big sister is on the phone until bedtime. My parents roll their eyes. “Augh, teen dragons! What are we going to do?”

when Mommy and Daddy come into my room to say good night, I already have my pajamas on. I have already brushed my teeth. My homework is done.

I give them both a big hug at once. I know they are smiling because their teeth poke in my back a little bit when they say,
“You're a sweet, little dragon. Stay just the way you are.”

What do you think?

*What are children good at that grown-ups have forgotten how to do?
*What are grown-ups good at that children will eventually learn to do?
*What makes you special, right now, at this age?

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