Wednesday, February 12, 2014


self-control, emotions, responsibility, family

When Dragon Drew danced around his cave, he jumped high. He tapped hard. He spun fast.
One day...
Swoosh! Crash!
His sister Amy's tower tumbled to the ground.
“Watch your tail,” warned Amy and packed up her pebbles.
Grrr. I always knock stuff over. Drew moped into his bedcave. He set up his play town. He lined up the houses. When he stood the last people in the school, he heard his neighbor singing.
What a rockin' song, he thought.
Drew jumped. Drew tapped. Drew spun.
Swoosh! Crash!
The whole town whipped under his bed.
“Watch your tail,” warned Mom and handed him a broom.
Grrr. I always scratch up my toys. Drew stomped into the playcave and set out paper and paints.
He dipped his brush in the blue. He smeared some red with his paw. When he hung his picture to dry, he heard Amy practicing her piano.
What a jazzy tune, he thought.
Drew jumped. Drew tapped. Drew spun.
Swoosh! Crash!
The easel flew against the wall.
“Watch your tail,” warned Dad and handed him a mop.
Grrr. I always make a mess. Drew sulked to the living cave and grabbed some books. He read one and put it beside him. He read a second book and stacked it on the first, and then another and another. When he closed the last book, he heard...
A pan clink. A cupboard bang. Plates clank. And a spoon ding on a glass.
What a great beat, thought Drew.
Drew jumped. Drew tapped. Drew spun.
Swoosh! Crash!
Books flew across the living cave smashing everything!
“Not again,” said Dad.
“Clean up this cave,” said Mom.
Grrr. I always cause a catastrophe. Drew wiped a tear from his cheek.
Drew looked at his tail. Then, he looked at the mess. Mmmm...
Drew hummed and wiggled this way. He hummed and shimmied that way. Finally, he hummed and twisted everywhere until the living cave was tidy.
Drew was so happy, he jumped. He tapped. He spun.
But no Crash!
“Look at that tail!” said Mom, Dad, and Amy. “Great job, Drew!”

What do you think?
Do you ever have days when everything seems to go wrong?
Do you ever have times when it's hard to control your excitement? If so, when?
Have you ever bumped into something or dropped something or spilled something by accident? How did you feel? How did you fix it? 

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