Tuesday, December 2, 2014

WHERE'S GRANDMA? A Christmas Story

On Christmas Eve, Connor and Jasmin plunked down by the window to wait for someone who they new for sure would arrive that night...

Jasmin purred and Connor stirred his hot chocolate until all the marshmallows melted.
“Where's Grandma?” he called to Mom.
She lit the last candle and said, “On her way.”

And Grandma was on her way...
On the train, Grandma dreamed of Connor's happy face when he would open his present. She hugged the box on her lap as if it were Connor himself.
But Connor shivered and Jasmin quivered waiting in the open door.
“Where's Grandma?” he called to Dad.
Dad opened the china cabinet and said, “On her way.”
And Grandma was...
At the end of the track, Grandma was dreaming of bells, and cakes, and snow while holiday cheers and snowflake kisses danced in the air.
Connor and Jasmin danced in their flannel pyjamas that sparked when they slid down the stairs.
“Where's Grandma?” Connor called.
Mom held up her watch. Dad wound the clock. “On her way?” they both answered.
And Grandma was...
In the railway station, she snored as passengers poured out onto the platform... except for one.
After one more cookie, one more story, one more yawn, Connor asked one more time, “Where's Grandma?” and fell asleep.
“Where am I?” asked Grandma to the man who woke her.
“Where should you be?” he asked back.
“At Connor's house,” she said.
“Me too.” The man smiled. He carried Grandma's packages to his carriage, snapped his belt across his lap, and told her, “Hold on to your hat!”
The next morning, Connor tied on his wooly hat and walked past the chimney. Mom and Dad followed him to the porch.
As the cold air froze the red in his cheeks, Connor asked, “Where's Grandma?”
“Right here!” she said, smiling beside the Christmas tree.

What do you think?
At the holidays, who do you look forward to seeing?
What special preparations do you do for their arrival?
Who do you imagine brought Grandma to Connor's house?

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