Wednesday, October 14, 2015


(A slightly extended version from the original that was written for a specific contest)

by Michelle Nott

The final bell clanged. Schoolwitches cheered. It was Halloween break!
Lizzy Witch kicked up her broomstand and soared home to her black cat.
"Where's Spooky?" she asked Mum.
"We never know," she cackled.
Lizzy echoed into the caldron. "Spooky."
She plucked through the pumpkin patch. "Spoooky."
She flew over the chimney and under the thorn bushes. "Spooooooky!"
Lizzy coasted home with empty arms and an empty tummy.
"Soup's on," said Mum.
Lizzy sobbed. "I can't eat without Spooky."
"Who do you think brought in the ingredients?" Mum winked.
Lizzy took a whiff from the caldron. “Hmmm, pumpkin roots, ivy leaves, and thorn stems. My favorite.”
Just then, Spooky circled Lizzy's legs and sprang into her arms.
"You sneaky, spooky cat," said Lizzy. “Happy Halloween to you, too!”

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